Studio Apt. Opening

Thank you for your interest in learning more about becoming a member/shareholder of our housing cooperative. This post provides basic information about our property and our community. Please search our website for additional information about our community.

The unit available to a new member is a small studio apt (approx. 250 sq. feet) with monthly assessments of approx $335 and a membership share-value of approximately $10,000. The available unit is on the 4th floor/roof. There is no elevator.

All members contribute labor to govern, manage & maintain this 22-unit, 1920’s Spanish style building, located near UCB/Berkeley BART. Co-op reviews assessments annually with goal of having well-maintained housing at moderate cost. We are not a collective, group house, or co-housing. Please read our more complete Information Sheet before you apply.

If you are interested in being considered for membership, please download and fill out our application form linked below. Completed applications can be filled out and emailed, or printed out and sent via regular mail or delivered through the mail slot to the right of our front door. We will not accept faxed applications. Please provide complete information.

We will review all applications that are returned to us by July 9, 2018 – applications received after that date may not be considered. We will contact applicants soon to see who we’re interested in interviewing. Interviews will take place sometime between July 28, 2018 and August 5, 2018. If you anticipate not being readily reachable and/or available for interviews on that date, please include this in your application.

Application format[s]:

  • Word file: This file can be read by Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, or other common word processors. The document is designed so you can type directly into it, then either print the file and send it in, or save it and email it in.
  • PDF file: This file can be read with any PDF reader. You can type directly into the document. If you have Adobe Reader, you can save the file and then email it in to us. You’ll see a “Submit Form” button in the upper right corner of the document, which will walk you through the steps to email it (you’ll be saving a copy of the document, then attaching it to an email to send to us).

With either the Word or PDF file, you can also print out the file and complete it by hand (however, if you do this you won’t be able to email it in, please remember to write legibly).